Coffee Drinks

Coffee Beans

Signature Flavored Drinks


Double Espresso (3 oz $3)

Americano (12 oz double espresso + water $3)

Macchiato (3 oz double espresso + milk foam $4)

Cortado (4 oz equal parts espresso and milk $4)

Flat White (6 oz double espresso + microfoamed  milk $4)

Cappuccino (6 oz double espresso + lots of micro foam $4)

Latte (12 oz double espresso + milk $4)

Mocha (12 oz latte+ Valrhona dark chocolate ganache $5)

Pourover(8 oz, Hario V60 -manually brewed cup of coffee-$5)

Cold Brew (20 oz Mountaineer Brazil Cerrado $5)



Espresso or Pourover Time and Temperature (Tandem : Portland, Me / notes of: chocolate, caramel, cherry) Calenso(Novel : Dallas, Tx / Natural Ethiopian / notes of: strawberries and cream) Hunapu (Elm : Seattle, Wa / Washed Guatemalan / notes of: milk chocolate, pineapple) Decaf (Kuma : Seattle, Wa / Ethiopian / notes of: cocoa, plum, blackberry) Pourover Only Lago (Novel : Dallas, Tx / Washed Guatemalan / notes of: blood orange, macadamia) -also- Iced Cold Brew (Mountaineer : Brazil Cerrado)


Chile Orange Latte (chile pepper+ caramel+ orange zest $5)

Lemon Mocha (dark chocolate+ lemon zest $5)

the Salted Rose Latte ( rose water, bitter vanilla bean caramel, sea salt $5)

Lavender Mocha (dark chocolate+ lavender green tea infused syrup and lavender buds $5)

the Fizzy Monsieur (espresso french soda: espresso+vanilla bean+cream+sparkling water $5)

Additional Flavors ($1):

Honey Caramel, Violet, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Winter Spice,

Fresh mint