The Flavor selection of Our Ice Cream that we serve in-store changes frequently and seasonally, so be sure to give us a call if you're curious about what we have today!

Ice Cream


Ice Cream Sandwiches


Graham Cracker (cinnamon graham cracker ice cream)

Vanilla Bean (classic madagascar vanilla bean ice cream)

Strawberry(sweet and creamy, with real strawberries)

Salted Caramel(bitter vanilla bean caramel swirled with caramel ice cream

Banana(smooth and creamy caramelized banana ice cream)

Halloween Candy (Valrhona dark chocolate ice cream packed with twix, snickers, kit kat, crunch, reese's, and candy corn )



Latte (cold latte with your choice of ice cream)

Creamsicle (vanilla ice cream with strawberry, orange, or pineapple soda)

Jack (pumpkin and lemon soda with vanilla bean ice cream)

Sally(matcha and lavender soda with strawberry ice cream)

Banjo(latte float with banana ice cream)




Coming soon!

Coming soon!