Fruity Pebbles : because what isn't better when it's full of fruity pebbles?

Cinnamon Sugar : brown sugar macaron with cinnamon butter cream and rolled in cinnamon sugar

Salted Caramel : brown sugar macaron with sea salt and a dulce center

Sweet Espresso : dulce center with espresso butter cream

Raspberry Rose : raspberry macaron with a subtle addition of rose water

Birthday Cake : sprinkle and vanilla bean butter cream rolled in more sprinkles for good measure

Pistachio : a classic favorite, pistachio macaron with pistachio butter cream

Vanilla Bean : Madagascar vanilla beans flavor this irresistible classic

Rice Krispies : rice krispies and marshmallow fluff center, rolled in even more rice krispies

Strawberry : strawberry jam buttercream with a strawberry macaron

Champagne : light and sweet with a pleasant champagne flavor